Thank you our loyal followers for stick it out with us while we've been through a long rough patch, we are getting back under way. As for you new comers, thanks for taking the time to stop in and see what we're all about.


--== 05/25/2017 ==--

It seems as of late we are constantly apologizing to our loyal fan base. We've been looking for months for casting replacements for Zombie World and haven't found a worthy replacement or those who have been worthy want compensation. Due to the fustrating nature of this, Zombie World is being moved to the back burner against everything we want. Episode 3 is ready to go as soon as we get a couple voice actresses to fill our missing roles. The screenplays are drafted for Episodes 4 and 5 with 6 being scripted. Just so you all understand Zombie World is not going to die like Inspector Gadget Abridged... Though there has been some talk of trying to revive that. Once we have the talent Zombie World will move forward once again.

Additionally, a couple of our main stream cast members have fallen on very hard times and it has made things difficult to proceed.

Going forward for the time being, we are changing directions. The last two projects have either been female voice heavy or equally balanced so being that this is our major issue, we are stepping away from anything heavily female based. We will be refocusing on series that are primarily male, though, we truly do perfer working on female based media as we like to see the world take a more active interest in promoting strong female character.

Slayers the Motion Picture & The Legend of Inverse are being postoned as well Heric Age Abridged due to the number of female voices required.

Zoids: NCZ Tourny will be the next offical series project and we hope to have episode 1 out by mid to late summer. Zoids is primarily male voice driven, but still it has a few proment female roles. With the humor that can be worked in, it should be a pretty enjoyable series.

Our Next OVA will be 8-Man After Abrdged as it only has 1 major female role to fill. It is all ready nearly finished, we will start casting calls in June and expect the project to be completed by August along with the first episode of Zoids.

Previous News Summary

Zombie World has had another set back, the voice talent we had selected for Saeko backed out 3 weeks before the target release date for Episode 3. So we have reopened casting calls after searching through our local talent pool.

With the Zombie World issues, Heroic Age Abridged has been pushed back to later 2017 however, we will be starting casting calls for Slayers OVA soon.

Offering Paid Services? We will starting original projects this year and offering compensation based on the work for said projects. Abridged projects have legal issues regarding paid services and making money from Abridged projects, there are exceptions and loopholes, however, until those can be worked out, Abridged Projects will have to wait to become compensable, but it is the goal.

We again thank our fans for sticking by us and we hope this new year will get us back on track.

Previous News Summary

For the past year the studio has experienced difficulties thanks to a combination of life changes and business greediness. We have officially lost Averoxot the voice of Rei and Saeko, however, we wish her well on all her future endeavors.

TheWalkingVirus has returned to the Zeta Studios and has his own youtube channel.

Website overhaul is in the works.

Future Abridged Mini-series, Heroic Age which will be an abbreviated series, of 10ish 5 minute-ish episodes covering the 25 episode series. Following the completion of Heroic Age, Golden Boy.

Next OVA Abridged, Slayers: The Motion Picture (Perfect) Abridged, to become next major abridged series titled, The Legend of Inverse.

Zeta P.R.I.M.E. and Live Film Production is also behind do to the same difficulties that have put the studio behind but set to begin next year.

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