History of Zeta Studios

Black Zero was a character persona created after the release of Mega Man X back in 1993. This persona was based on a fan-ficton Mega Man X story created by himself. In late 1997, Black Zero got into graphic design, making small animated gifs and pictures, samples below:

In 1999, Black Zero created Dark Studios in response to taking up webpage and video production. From 2000 to 2005, Black Zero developed and ran the website Cosmictri.8m.com, which still exists today. However during the sites reconstruction in 2004, Black Zero ran into many issues both personally and digitally and the website was abandoned. One of the other issues, Dark Studios. www.Darkstudios.com was already owned and by a group whose work has nothing to do wtih Darkness. Irritated and not wanting to associate with such a hypocritical concept, Black Zero began rethinking who he was, what his work was, and where both he and his work were going.

In 2005, Black Zero created Zeta Studios. The first video, and one of the lost 24 music videos, to use the new studio logo was Flighticons, Triple Threat. This was a Transformers G1 music video featuring AC/DC's Back In Black focused around Star Scream, Thundercracker, and most importantly Sky Warp. The video itself was decent but not even close to Black Zero's best work. At this time, Black Zero was also being accused of being a Mega Man X Fanboy and using the persona of Black Zero unoriginally. This was impart because the character Zero got a black armor in the 1997 Mega Man X4 release and since then it had become common X lore. Despite this, Black Zero continued making videos, and began posting his work when Youtube became more feasible than a regular webpages in 2008, www.youtube.com/zerox169.

However, in 2009, it was decided it was time for a change. Black Zero's work was evolving, as was his skill level in photoshop and premiere. Tired of the Black Zero ridicule, he chose a new persona, Zero Graves. In addition, the now Zero Graves, thought it was also time to create an official Youtube page for Zeta Studios, and thus www.youtube.com/zetastudios was born. Zeta Studios has since made great videos for entertainment jumping on the Abridged banned wagon in 2011 with Inspector Gadget. However despite it's small success in the community, schedules suddenly became an issue and the project went to a stand still. In April of 2014, the project was declared Suspended Indefinitely. Rockman.exe was attempted during the scheduling conflict but the number of characters provided temporarily to challenging. However, the project unfortunately has been put to rest.

And now we're in the present.